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Head of School's Welcome,
ASPIRE vision was given by God to the Visionary/Founder of School in 2011. Since then, the Almighty God has been accompanying the Founder of the School and all team members in all their endeavors and He who starts a good thing in us is faithful to finish it.


Our Supporters

By identifying, attracting, developing, and amplifying the impact of thousands of students and teachers within the ASPIRE Group of Schools (AGS), ASPIRE Pioneers/Trailblazers are poised to transform students and teachers’ outcomes. With your support, we will get there.
As a national private school with an non-profit organization outfit, ASPIRE Pioneers relies on a combination of philanthropy and program fees to operate our programs—and we're grateful to our current supportersLearn more about what we do.

Dr. Jane Karonga
​Head of School

Our Philosophy

Excellency, Effectiveness and Efficiency: By offering an integrated tripartite operational instructional concept identified as spiritual, academic and technical curriculum-we aim at nurturing a holistic student. Anchored on excellency, effectiveness and efficiency, the main objective of such a delivery mechanism where students are viewed in their holistic nature ensures that students develop fully as functional human beings with sound moral values, ethics, intellectual and skills sets to contribute positively in their communities,


Every Student deserves an integrated education (spiritual, academic and technical) for impactful careers, businesses and livelihoods. The ultimate intent of ASPIRE is to bring to produce a new generation of   Zimbabwe youth equipped with a relevant, innovative and transformative  High School education that empowers students with the productive skill sets to enter the workforce,  establish businesses and to be the developmental agents for their communities, and the country at large.