God our Ultimate Teacher




Effectiveness and Efficiency



In acknowledging that children are given to us by God in trust, we exist to share in this divine mission with parents in raising children through providing educational facilities to learn in excellence

Quality learning outcomes by providing positive learning experience for all students that promote their psychosocial well-being, self-esteem and self confidence
• Respect in assisting students realize their dreams by promoting equality, respect, nondiscrimination and inclusiveness;
• Assure high competence, morale, status and commitment of teaching and administrative staff
• Promote good health, sanitation and nutrition education, practices and environments;
• Help children, parents and teachers establish harmonious collaborative connections between school and family life



ASPIRE will aim at building a school curriculum and programs focused on learning. Our goal is not only to help students attain knowledge but to ensure they learn as a result of being taught by better-trained teachers using better methods. Our goal at ASPIRE is for students to learn how to learn. Aspire teachers will be fully trained with the necessary technical and educational skills to successfully impact knowledge to students. The operational instructional concept within ASPIRE School will be a dual educational system (academic and technical curriculum) developed to nurture both the technical and academic aspects of students. The main objective of such a system where students are viewed in this holistic nature will ensure that students develop fully as functional human beings with sound moral and ethical values to contribute positively in their communities. ASPIRE will aims at an educational curriculum adapted to the local economic and social environments but with internationally-comparable performance indicators.