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Goal 1

GOAL 1 – Teaching and Learning

Key Strategies

  • Secure land/premises for the development of school facilities-Done

  • Develop a master plan for staged construction of the school facilities-ongoing

  • Commencement of construction work

  • Furnish and equip the tutorial accommodation

  • Outline curriculum and course programs

  • Procure tutorial material

  • Recruitment and induction of staff

  • Enrolment of learners

Goal 2 1

GOAL 2 –Governance and Policy;


Establish a governance structure and policies that reflect the needs of a school in Zimbabwe


Key Strategies

  • To register an incorporated body within the context of Zimbabwe’s Education Act (1987) (amended)

  • Establish a communication framework with the School Parents Assembly, Management Committee, and Board

  • Develop policies and procedures

Anchor 1

Goal 3

GOAL 3Financial Resources and Environment

Provide the financial resources to ensure a sustainable operational environment.

Key Strategies

  • Build a partnership base for the school to enable private investment in the start-up

  • Set up related business units to augment the resources available for the school.

Goal 4

GOAL 4 –Products and Services


The Corporate high school will offer a vocationalized secondary education that will cater to the needs of a variety of learners in respect of their talents, abilities, and interests. An emphasis on sound morals and ethics is intended to develop engaged citizenship. The high school will offer an educational curriculum adapted to the local economic and social environments but with internationally-comparable performance indicators.

Goal 3

Goal 5

GOAL 5– Exit Strategy

If the business is very successful it will be possible for the equity holders to sell their stake to third party for a very good return.

Goal 61

GOAL 6 –Customer profile;


The school seeks to enroll pupils whose parents are in the middle to upper-middle classes as they are currently under-served by the existing facilities. Mashonaland Central is home to Barwick, Shashi View, and the recently opened Amai Mugabe Junior Schools whose clientele is middle to upper-middle classes. There are no comparable senior schools in the province and this tends to force parents to send their children to schools out of the province in search of institutions that carry the same traditions. An institution such as the one we seek to establish will however have an appeal beyond the regional boundary owing to its competitive brand. The school will also facilitate a scholarship program to cater to deserving but disadvantaged learners.

Goal 5
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