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School Projects

ASPIRE aims at contributing to the education system in Zimbabwe by establishing a secondary boarding school which will, later on, expands forward to a University and backward into a Primary school. The underlying philosophies of this education system are to educate, train, mentor, nurture an all-rounded student to be fully equipped academically and technically with necessary and transformative skills to achieve their lifelong goals and contribute to the overall economic and social development of their families, communities, and country.

Empowering Students

ASPIRE will provide an excellent High School institution centered on the following three main objectives;

  1. To empower students with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes which will enable them to pursue better employment and/ business opportunities that will turn in assistance towards poverty reduction.

  2. To offer a curriculum that fosters a learning culture among the school’s stakeholders.

  3. To build communities through the development of life skills in the learners.


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School Feeding

Poverty Reduction

In light of the recognized linkages between economic growth-employment-poverty reduction, the projects aim at contributing towards poverty reduction in Zimbabwe by educating and equipping its students with needed academic and technical skills to pursue better employment/ business opportunities that will contribute positively towards reducing poverty in Zimbabwe.

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