Every Student deserves an integrated education (spiritual, academic and technical) for impactful
careers, businesses and livelihoods. The ultimate vision of ASPIRE is to bring to produce a new
generation of Zimbabwe youth equipped with a relevant, innovative and transformative High
School education that empowers students with the productive skill sets to enter the workforce,
establish businesses and to be the developmental agents for their communities, and the country at


• Quality learning outcomes by providing positive learning experience for all students that promote their psychosocial well-being, self-esteem and self confidence
• Respect in assisting students realize their dreams by promoting equality, respect, nondiscrimination and inclusiveness;
• Assure high competence, morale, status and commitment of teaching and administrative staff
• Promote good health, sanitation and nutrition education, practices and environments;
• Help children, parents and teachers establish harmonious collaborative connections between school and family life